Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Shut yor piehole

Joshua Norton once observed that if the rest of the world would leave the Israelis and the Palestinians alone, one would do away with the other pretty quickly and there would be peace after that. Rather than helping to solve the problems there, the rest of the world essentially ensures that it keeps on a constant simmer.

Simon Jenkins is similarly upset with the punditry and their failure to say anything intelligent about the current conflict between these ancient enemies.
If outsiders had a solution to the argument between Israel and its neighbours, it would surely have been found by now. The world's mightiest powers and the most brilliant statesmen (not to mention the rest) have devoted themselves to the case....Western diplomatic and military adventurism in Iraq and Afghanistan is a catastrophic failure. What is astonishing is that the west's commentariat should goad its leaders into more of the same. Neo-imperialism, reborn in the uniform of world policeman, is now a raging virus. It is hard to imagine a swifter way of spreading the poison of the Middle East conflict than for western troops to land once again in Lebanon. |Guardian| (emphasis added)

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