Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sequestering Carbon

TO follow up on my last post's discussion of the ill effects of global warming, a novel plan to sequester carbon under the sea was recently unveiled.

Is it just me or is this another far-fetched plan to use high-technology to solve the problems of high-technology?

No, it's not just me.

So, the rationalist-positivist mind-set that gave us global warming in the first place - as an unforeseen/unforeseeable by-product of inevitable technological progress, carried forward by the internal-combustion hydrocarbon-fuelled personal engine and its near-universal application, globally - will now give us carbon-sequestration through-technological-manipulation. And screw the dark emptiness under the sea. |Informant38|

Are we really going to go to these lengths to ensure that fossil fuels are in use in perpetuity? You don't HAVE to sequester CO2 from renewable fuels. How about a little of that multi-billion dollar thinking going toward true renewable fuels like large scale non-oilseed biodiesel production or solar-hydrogen. Or is this just a reflection of how much influence the o(i)ligarchy has at Harvard, Columbia and CalTech? |First Comment on Technology Review|

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