Sunday, August 13, 2006

Getting medieval in Mpls

A recent burglarly in South Minneapolis went bad when the intended victims fought back with a sword. While an interesting story, everyone I've talked to about it agrees that it doesn't quite add up. Here's the fight narrative as reported by Jim Adams:
John was visiting the apartment of his friend when someone knocked about 3 a.m. He opened the door, and a man pushed his way in and another put a gun put to his temple.

"I heard the hammer cock," John said.

He and his friend were ordered face down on the floor, while the gunman guarded them. "They were so brazen and belligerent that they fired us up," John said

He said that his friend, who is 26, lean and 6 feet tall, stood and told the burglars to take what they wanted and leave. The bigger gunman swung his handgun at John's friend, who tried to take the gun away.

"As soon as I heard them start wrestling, I went for the sword," John said. He said a burglar near him had picked up the sword, bought by the friend in Germany as a souvenir. The curved steel sword was almost 3 feet long and sheathed in a black wooden scabbard. John said it broke when the burglar smashed it on his head.

"I grabbed the handle, and he picked me up. I pulled out the sword as he dumped me on my head on the floor," John said. "He was bigger than I was, and I started chopping at his legs. I heard another guy coming from behind, and I pulled the [first attacker] in front of me and poked at the other guy with the sword."

The two ran toward the door and got tangled with the other burglars fighting the friend, John said. "I took one wild swing to defend my friend," John said. |Pioneer Press|
My suspicion is that there were drugs in the apartment and that's what the robbery was really about. It seems odd that four guys show up at random at 3 AM to rob two guys. And it seems even more odd for the tenant to grab for the gun, unless he was protecting something else (or hopped up on meth or coke).

If I learn anything more about this case, I'll be sure to post it.

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