Monday, July 31, 2006

The Unveiling of an Anti-Semite

Mel Gibson's recent DUI arrest is unfortunate, I'm glad that he's admitting he has trouble with alcohol. He's not alone, millions of Americans have a destructive relationship with firewater.

The anti-semitic comments by Gibson are sad, but I took some hope from them. I had entertained the notion that Gibson might run for president. He has dual citizenship and would be eligible, unlike Arnold Scharzenegger.

After Gibson made The Patriot, I was a bit concerned about him seeking political office. I didn't care for The Patriot, but I thought Mel did a great in We Were Soldiers.

But I think the DUI combined with the anti-semitic slurs will make a presidential bid unlikely. I think Gibson would be pretty conservative as a politician and (of course) totally unqualified for the role.

On the other hand, Dubya didn't have any real qualifications either, and look at how splendidly his presidency of turning out.

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