Thursday, June 29, 2006

Safety Tip: Always keep [defensive] weapons in the same place

My friend Mun recently took a job in a less desirable part of town and was talking to me about carrying a defensive spray. I prefer pepper spray over mace personally. In Los Angeles, mace is far more regulated. Mace is essentially tear gas and people can develop a limited immunity to it. Pepper spray is more basic; essentially just cayenne pepper in a liquid medium.

But regardless of whether you carry a gun, a knife, a taser, a stun gun, or a chemical spray for self-defense, I think it's important to be consistent in where you keep it. I always keep my pepper spray in my left hand pocket and my knife in my right pocket.

When things head south, they will go there in a hurry and it's important to be able to locate your defensive items in a hurry and without requiring you to recall where you stashed it today.

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