Tuesday, June 20, 2006

On the purpose of government

Over at Slashdot, there was a recent post on discussions of mining the moon, which I think is a pretty good idea...but what caught my attention was a discussion about the relative merits of governmental action versus private enterprise. Planesdragon's comment seemed to kill the discussion, but was amusing:

[Quoting previous post]...because we have forgotten the true purpose of a government...

Balderdash. The Romans thought the purpose of government was to bring glory to the people. The medieval christians thought the purpose of government was to spread the gospel. The chineese thought the purpose of government was to maintain the celestial order.

Our own founding fathers may have had their own ideas about what they were forming our government for, but today that same structure is seen both as a way to make a profit, a way to protect unintelligent things, an avenue for power, and a thing to be avoided -- depending on who you talk to.

The purpose of a government is to do whatever those that give the government power want it to do. Anything more is just [philosophical] "should"-ing, and should always be dismissed until the points so made are [affirmatively] proven. |Slashdot|

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