Monday, June 12, 2006

Nothing to Hide?

Apophenia makes an interesting move in the privacy debate in this post.

An argument that people make is that you should have nothing to fear if you've done nothing wrong. This is sooooo irritating. First, this is only true if you are interested in upholding hegemonic cultural norms. The adorable gay couple next door are doing nothing wrong in my eyes, but their kissing is all sorts of problematic to a government that wants to ban their right to love each other. Aside from queer life, think about all of the decisions you made that aren't necessarily "normal" even if many of us live a pretty privileged life. Second, there's a difference between illegal and not exactly the best impression. I want the ability to pick my nose when i don't think anyone's looking and i don't want a camera to capture me scratching my ass on a cigarette break outside of work. That's just plain embarassing. I don't want to always smile or stand up straight or pretend like i'm in a good mood just because an image might go down on my permanent record. That's just plain exhausting. Third, everything is context dependent. I've done nothing wrong when i stumble out of 1015 drunk as hell and hail a cab, but my drunken stumble is not something that i want to expose to my advisor or, frankly, the government...

I will never forget sitting in the courtroom when my stepfather countersued my mother and accused her of cheating on him. We were all dumbfounded - i didn't think my mother had cheated and she was pretty sure she hadn't so we were all curious what this magical evidence was going to be. Apparently, he had hired a PI and he'd snapped photo after photo of... *my* high school boyfriend. |Apophenia|(emphasis added)

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