Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Writing on the Wall: The Shrinking American Standard of Living

Yesterday was the Day without Immigrants and the failure of modern Know Nothing legislators to face reality is shocking to me. Morons like Tom Tancredo and Dana Rohrbacher refuse to accept economic and demographic reality. As if walling ourselves off from the rest of the world and return to the blessed 1950's is an option.

Dana Rohrbacher told the Minutemen's Rally in DC: “There is no job that Americans won’t do for the right amount of compensation,” he stated at the rally. “Illegal immigration depresses wages and is both an economic and security threat to our country.” |House.Gov|

I single Rohrbacher out because I saw his line of drivel on Larry King Live last night, but what he and his fellow racists fail to accept is that the American standard of living is unsustainable.

Some jobs are being outsourced offshore while other jobs are taken by immigrants. No wall is going to stop that. I think it's time we accept that the American standard of living needs to come into parity with that of the rest of the world and that transition is going to be very painful for us.

Maybe we can slow things down a bit by building walls and bombing brown people continuously, but nothing can stop this leveling of the economic playing field.

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