Monday, May 15, 2006

Trial by Blog

Korea is experimenting with trial by blog. While many courts have been working on electronic docketing, it sounds as if the Koreans have a more sweeping revolution in mind for litigation.
``Internet-based trials will also help the public understand how our legal system works and what we are trying to do. It’s not that we believe we can expand the Internet-based model in all cases, but we are looking for ways to take advantage of the advancements in technology,’’ he said.

The plans for the Internet-based trial systems were first suggested by the Supreme Court last year, as part of initiatives to reduce complications in legal procedure and better educate the public on court matters, including how lawsuits are set in motion, the rules of trial conduct, and the procedure for pursuing appeals. The court established an Internet site ( to experiment the electronic-filing of court documents.

Authorities believe there is a possibility Internet-based trials could be deployed in some parts of civil cases. Depending on the results of the Seoul Administrative Court’s experiments, the Supreme Court will decide whether it will push for the revision of the current law on civil procedures and designate the types of trials appropriate for the Internet.

``We believe Weblogs will allow us to conduct trials and hearings on simple civil matters through the Internet. The point is to not waste too much of our time on predictable cases that are similar to each other with similar ways of being dealt with,’’ said Chang Jun-hyun, who is a researcher for trial procedures at the Supreme Court. |Korea Times|
Having worked as a clerk of the court for limited civil actions in Kansas, I think this seems quite reasonable. The courts are looking for methods to economize on the processing and storage of paperwork for minor civil actions. The amount of paperwork required to collect on a bad check is shocking.

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