Saturday, May 27, 2006

Master of Information

I presented my portfolio yesterday and it went well. I passed with distinction, so I may now bill myself as a Master of Information. That rolls off the tongue more easily than Master of Library and Information Science.

I posted a version of my portfolio |PDF| online in case anyone is interested. This version can only be read online, (unless you hack Adobe's DRM) but if you'd like a version you can print, send me an email.

My friends Mun Mun, the Strawman and Brian sat in on my presentation. It's always nice to have moral support during those times in life when years of hard work come down to a single, defining moment.


Sarah Deer said...

Congratulations babe!

eBohn said...

Congrats, Neal!
If it means anything, I have always thought of you as a Master of Information.

trp0 said...

'bout fucking time, you slacker! :)