Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Safety Tip #33: Portable Car Emergency Kits

I'm sure all of my devoted readers keep a survival kit in their auto. If not, the Los Angeles Fire Department has some suggestions.

But the point I want to make is that you should keep your survival kit (or kits) packed up in a bag or duffle so that if you borrow a car for a trip or rent a car, you can easily switch the kit to the new car.

I used to keep my survival kit scattered about in three different places in the back of my old, creaky Volvo and when I would borrow a car for a long roadtrip, I'd rarely transfer much of anything into the new ride.

So here I am undertaking a long trip with my car survival kit gathering dust at home. never had to learn that lesson the hard way, but in retrospect, it was pretty foolish of me. All that I'm saying is that portability is a virtue in a car survival kit.

One thing I do carry in my car kit that no one else seems to list are little sports cones designed for marking out football or soccer fields. They aren't as bright as flares, but they sure last a lot longer. I got mine at Sports Chalet for $1 each, but they don't carry them online right now.

The cones also work well for signaling caution and demarcating areas, for instance, when you're moving furniture and people are driving recklessly down the alley in which you're carrying a sofa backwards, the cones put them on notice to be more cautious.

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