Friday, March 31, 2006

Virginia School to teach Information Literacy for Parents and Kids

Recently there has been a lot of reporting on threats to minors from online predators and children not being circumspect on putting contact information on popular forums like Myspace. Virginia has passed a law required public schools to develop information literacy programs for students. Some schools are going farther and developing non-threatening forums where parents can also learn more about the information age.

I think this is a good thing and should be encouraged.
The [new Virginia]law directs the state Department of Education to issue guidelines to schools for integrating Internet safety into their regular instruction. Fralin said many children encounter dangers with computers at home, not school, but since some parents are tech-phobic, schools need to step in....

Teachers and principals agree part of their job is to educate parents so they develop a better sense of what their children are doing online. Bull Run Middle School in Prince William County holds daytime coffees and evening seminars during school dances for parents to talk about the problem of cyber-bullying. That's when children tease each other or pose as one another in instant messages or chat rooms, sometimes spreading vicious gossip or rumors. |Washington Post|

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