Monday, March 27, 2006

Prophet of the Apocalypse

Joshua Hergesheimer pronounces Bush a prophet. His logic is hard to argue with.

Visionary, moron, or something in between – everyone has their favourite label [for George W. Bush]. One label that you do not hear very often, however, is prophet.

I believe that George Bush is a prophet. But not just any old prophet. A special kind – one whose actions bring about the very things he claims will happen, albeit without any recognition of his role in causing them to occur. He is, therefore, a self-fulfilling prophet....

[G]iven George’s track record on Iraq – which turned out in the end to be a terrorist hotbed – and Guantanamo – where people are now very suspicious of American justice – excuse me if I start to believe him.

George is truly a self-fulfilling prophet. If the US continues its campaign of bombing with impunity, abrogating human rights and threatening to attack anyone, anywhere, any time, then the war on terror will be very long indeed. God help us. |Al-Jazeera|

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