Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Kadima wins Israeli Election

I don't have a good enough handle on Israeli politics to provide any analysis of the impact of the victories by the new Kadima party and the gains made by the conservativeIsrael Beitenu, but it appears that this signals Israel's intent to disengage from the Palestinians.

Israel is such a divisive issue. Such a small piece of land for there to be so much bloodshed. I have several Jewish friends who are Zionists and I also have friends who support the Palestinians.

I wish they could all live in peace, but that's not going to happen anytime soon. So it appears that Israel will try the walled city concept on a larger scale.
The election was widely regarded as a referendum on Mr Olmert's commitment, backed by Labour and the left, to unilaterally withdraw from large parts of the West Bank, to remove tens of thousands of Jewish settlers while retaining the main settlement blocks, and to carve out a border using the West Bank barrier. Likud, led by Binyamin Netanyahu, and other parties on the right argued that pulling out of Palestinian territory would be a victory for terrorism.

In his victory speech, Mr Olmert said he would press ahead with his plan to separate from the Palestinians.

"In the near future we will bring about the shaping of the final borders of the state, guaranteeing a Jewish democratic state," he said.

The acting prime minister said he wanted to negotiate frontiers with the Palestinians only on condition they recognise Israel and end violence.

"We are prepared to renounce parts of the land of Israel so precious to us, in order to bring about the conditions for you [the Palestinians] to bring about your own dreams and to live side by side with us in peace and tranquillity. The time has come for the Palestinians to adapt their dreams to recognise the reality of Israel," he said. "If they do not do this, Israel will take its fate into its own hands. We shall act without agreement with the Palestinians. We shall not wait for ever." |Guardian|

I've always admired the Israelis for their military prowess, they are surely about the closest thing to a modern day Sparta that you will find.

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