Friday, March 03, 2006

Friday Fun: Bicycling Developments

Winter seems to be receding here in Minnesota so I took the opportunity to dust one of my bikes off and cycle into work today. It feels good to get that deep thigh burn from biking uphill. The deep lung burn, on the other hand, is pretty sucky... But you have to take the good with the bad.

John Hill sent me a link to a proposed raised bike path in Toronto called Velo-City. Velo-City will be "a high speed, all season, pollution free, ultra-quite transit system that makes people healthier. Using an infrastructure of elevated cycle tracks, velo-city creates a network across the City."

Treehugger has some coverage as well as an interesting discussion by Treehugger's readers covering topics of the project's aesthetic appeal, the (un)desirability of separate bike lanes, and bike tourism.

Fear of cars seems a major impediment to most people taking up biking in sunny LA. Here in Minnesota, the prospect of freezing air in the face is enough to deter all but the most hardened of bikers. So I see real value in a project like Velo-City.

In other biking news, Wired's Gear Factor covers the Bike Tree, a novel way to store your bike. While this is interesting, it seems like an incredibly expensive solution to a fairly mundane problem. And if they caught on, I think these things would inevitably displace real trees.

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