Thursday, February 02, 2006

Politics always trumps science in Bush administration

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Pharyngula is a blog by a biology professor at UM Morris, who explains why the injection of human genes into animals (creating a chimera) is actually necessary for scientific research.

It's pure political calculus. [Bush] throws away the mad scientist and pig-man vote, and wins the religious ignoramus vote…and we know which one has the majority here.

But guess what? Creating chimeras is legitimate and useful scientific research; it's really happening. Of course, it isn't with the intent of creating monstrous half-animal/half-human slaves or something evil like that...

Down syndrome is a very common genetic disorder caused by the presence of an extra chromosome 21. ...[Scientists] would love to have an animal model of Down syndrome, so that, for example, we could figure out exactly what gene overdose is causing the immune system problems or the heart defects, and develop better treatments for them.

So what scientists have been doing is inserting human genes into mice, to produce similar genetic overdoses in their development....

[President Bush is] trusting that everyone will think he is banning monstrous crimes against nature, but what he's really doing is targeting the weak and the ill, blocking useful avenues of research that are specifically designed to help us understand human afflictions. His message isn't "We aren't going to let the mad scientists make monsters!", it's "We aren't going to let the doctors help those 'retards.'"

Once again, the ignorance and the bigotry of the religious right wins out over reason and humanitarianism. I think I know who the real pig-men are.|Pharyngula| (Emphasis added)

Let us hope that this is just another publicity stunt like Bush's (incredibly short-lived) plan to send a manned mission to Mars.

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