Thursday, February 02, 2006

Another black eye for Kansas: the Attorney General

The Kansas Attorney General is a nutcase and should be impeached. But my home state seems to be chock full of nuts these days.

Slate's Dahlia Lithwick has an article discussing the lawsuit against Attorney General Kline by health care providers in the Federal District Court in Wichita seeking to prohibit the enforcement of Kline's ridiculous reporting requirement he announced in an Attorney General Opinion that all kissing, petting, and sex by teens under 16 must be reported to law enforcement.

Lithwick explains that this AG Opinion was really a subterfuge.

[Kansas Attorney General] Kline takes the not-illogical position that since all consensual teen sex is criminal, all teen abortion records provide vital evidence of that crime. Why, then, doesn't he subpoena all hospital records for evidence of all teen births? Is it possible that he is less interested in pursuing the real crime of teen sex than the non-crime of abortion? In two and a half years Kline's sweeping assertion that all health-care providers must report all teen intimate activity has morphed into demands for reports of consensual teenage sex that result in abortions. Which leads to the conclusion that the Kansas reporting law isn't intended to increase reports of child abuse, but to increase reports of teen sex—specifically from abortion providers. Which means that this law—along with Kline's attempts to subpoena state abortion records and force Kansas doctors performing abortions on girls under 14 to preserve fetal tissue—is part of the attorney general's single-minded use of his vast authority in the sole interest of hassling Kansas' abortion providers.

Kline has vociferously argued that every abortion is murder, even though the law of the land holds otherwise. That is why he trusts his own judgment about what constitutes criminal activity over the judgment of the health professionals who actually see and treat it. One nevertheless wonders whether he should really be using all of his resources with no law enforcement purpose in sight beyond fishing through the files of state abortion clinics.|Slate|(emphasis added)


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