Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Television is so passé

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Wired has an article on huge televisions being displayed at the Consumer Electronics show and some of these prototypes are actually making their way to the market.

Of course, I think this is all pretty silly. Regardless of its size, I don't want a monitor! I want the image to be patched directly into my optic nerve or directly into the vision center of my brain.

Almost every day my eyes burn for staring at these stupid screens. I want a heads up display and augmented reality, not a stand alone monitor on my desk or a hulking television in my entertainment center.

I want to be a cyborg, dammit. I want something like the Virtual Retinal Display. "The [Virtual Retinal Display] works on the principle of a dynamic 'Maxwellian-view optical system'. The instantaneous entrance pupil of the eye and the exit pupil of the virtual display device are coupled so that modulated light is scanned directly on the retina, producing the perception of a stable, erect image."|Human Interface Technology Lab|

Most companies who have made optical see-through displays have gone out of business. Sony makes a see-through display that some researchers use, called the Glasstron. Blair MacIntyre, director of the Augmented Environments Lab at Georgia Tech, believes that the Microvision's Virtual Retinal Display holds the most promise for an augmented-reality system. This device actually uses light to paint images onto the retina by rapidly moving the light source across and down the retina. The problem with the Microvision display is that it currently costs about $10,000. MacIntyre says that the retinal-scanning display is promising because it has the potential to be small. He imagines an ordinary-looking pair of glasses that will have a light source on the side to project images on to the retina. |How Stuff Works|(emphasis in the original)
People are willing to pay $150,000 for an eight foot television, but won't spend $10,000 for a DVR. Maybe the DVR isn't enough of a status symbol for them.

Or maybe they don't want to be a cyborg....silly biological units.

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