Thursday, January 26, 2006

Fights & Robbery on the Rise in the UK

The Reckoning
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I've never understood the British prediliction for robbing people of their cell phone at knife point. Have you ever heard of an American having his or her cell phone stolen? Much less by force...

I thought this quote was interesting:
Mr Sims, Deputy Chief Constable of West Midlands force, told the BBC: "Despite the fact that actual crime is falling... people's fear of crime still continues to grow and that's an issue I think for police and others to try to tackle." |BBC|
Nice bit of spin. Sure, murders, maimings, and home invasions are down, which is certainly good news. But with muggings and petty thefts going it really fair to claim the people's perception is wrong? Maybe they just need a nightstick to the head to knock some sense into them...make sure they show the proper respect for the MPS.

Anyway, the BBC has a nice chart at the end of the article summing it up.


DR said...

A friend of mine lost her cell phone at a strip club and somebody made hundreds of dollars of calls on it before she managed to cancel the account.

Safety Neal said...

Ok, that's one. Thanks!