Thursday, January 19, 2006

Angel of Death

Four men are being held in jail in the Twin Cities accused of the murder of a woman named Nancy Everson. What makes this case unusual, is that one of the accused killers is Nancy Everson's son, Grant.

The alleged shooter, Joel Beckrich, isn't your sterotypical murderer.
Joel Beckrich was an altar boy, an honor student, a Boy Scout...When a neighbor was stricken with cancer, he mowed her lawn and brought her groceries.

"Joel's always been a person of faith," Michelle Beckrich said of her 20-year-old son....But Joel Beckrich was praying from the Carver County jail, charged with the first-degree murder of the mother of one of his best friends, telling police he shot her in the head at point-blank range after asking her whether she'd prefer being shot in the head or chest, according to court documents.

The apparent motive for the killing was to collect insurance money so the men could open a coffee shop in Amsterdam, where they could sell marijuana without legal trouble.|Star Tribune|(emphasis added)
Altar boy turned dope smoker kills his friend's mother for the money to start a coffeeshop in Amsterdam. That's really pathetic.

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