Friday, December 30, 2005

Wex: A Legal Wiki

Cornell's Legal Information Institute (LII) has a a project to create a collaborative legal encyclopedia called Wex.

While the founders of Wex claim to agree with Wikipedia's philosophy that open editing is a good solution, they have chosen a different path.

Any collection of information that is collaboratively edited, as Wex is, has to strike a balance between the scale and quality of its offerings. That balance is affected strongly by the way it conceives and governs its pool of author/editors.

We agree with the founders of Wikipedia that materials that are left open for the world to edit will, in general, evolve into better and more authoritative resources over time. However, this approach raises serious policing issues in the short term. Some are quality-related; others have to do with problems of objectivity or of inappropriate use of the encyclopedia as a platform for advertising. The LII has a very small staff, and would find such problems difficult to control. |Link|

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