Thursday, December 01, 2005

Above the law

It appears that a former senior U.S. State Department official also believes the Dick Cheney is guilty of war crimes.

Asked [on a BBC program] whether the vice-president was guilty of a war crime, Mr Wilkerson [Colin Powell's chief of staff from 2002 to 2005] replied: "Well, that's an interesting question - it was certainly a domestic crime to advocate terror and I would suspect that it is ... an international crime as well." In the context of other remarks it appeared he was using the word "terror" to apply to the systematic abuse of prisoners. |Guardian|

As if we needed more proof that our government is run by those who feel themselves above the law, it also has come to light that our fearless leader wanted to bomb Al-Jazeera.

The one indisputable fact, though, is that part of the memo - 10 lines to be precise - concerns a conversation between Bush and Blair regarding Al Jazeera, the Arabic satellite television station that the US accuses of being a mouthpiece for al-Qaeda. According to those familiar with the memo's contents, Bush floated the idea of bombing the Qatar-based station. The Daily Mirror, which ran the story last Tuesday, claimed the Prime Minister talked Bush out of the plan.

As they attempted damage limitation last week, government officials suggested Bush's comments were nothing more than a joke. It was preposterous to suggest Bush would countenance such an idea, the officials said. The White House described the allegations as 'unfathomable' although according to those who have seen the memo 'there is no question Bush was serious.'|Guardian|
These people are totally out of control.

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