Sunday, November 13, 2005

Polyamorous: the love that knows no bounds

I ran across this article in the Guardian and it reminds me of the renewable marriage-like multiparty contracts the Robert A. Heinlein used in his books like Friday.

What distinguishes the poly community from swingers is that we want to make multiple emotional bonds. Most people in the poly community won't have casual sex,' [Justen Bennett-MacCubbin, the founder of Polyamorous NYC] said....

To bored husbands or wives who might think being a poly means uncomplicated, carefree sex with multiple partners, Philippides has a stern warning. 'If you can't manage one relationship healthily, you are not going to be able to manage two. For polys, relationships are like a consuming hobby: they take up a tremendous amount of time,' she said.

Polys say that for many people, monogamy is unnatural. They point to spiralling divorce rates and widespread infidelity among monogamous couples. Polys, they say, are honest about the human condition. It is monogamists, they say, who live in a fantasy land.|Guardian|

But if they're so out of the closet, why is the first time I have heard of this in a British newspaper? Anyone else read about this elsewhere?

Of course, Wikipedia has an entry and Polyamorous NYC's website is here. And there's a FAQ from alt.polyamory if you want to learn more.

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