Monday, November 07, 2005

French Riots Spread

Not only are the riots spreading throughout France, but sympathy or copycat crimes are popping up in Belgium and Germany.

Apparent copycat attacks spread outside France for the first time, with five cars torched outside Brussels' main train station, police in the Belgian capital said.

German police were investigating whether the overnight burning of five cars early Monday in Moabit, a Berlin neighborhood with a large Turkish immigrant population, was a copycat crime.

The mayhem started as an outburst of anger in suburban Paris housing projects and has fanned out nationwide among disaffected youths, mostly of Muslim or African origin, to become France's worst civil unrest in more than a decade.

``This spread, with a sort of shock wave spreading across the country, shows up in the number of towns affected,'' Gaudin said, noting that the violence appeared to be sliding away from its flash point in the Parisian suburbs and worsening elsewhere.

It was the first time police had been injured by weapons' fire and there were signs that rioters were deliberately seeking out clashes with police, officials said. |Guardian|

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