Sunday, November 27, 2005

2300 miles later

We arrived in St. Paul last night, safe and sound. The car performed beautifully and the dog never even got carsick. We are feeling a bit haggard today but are recuperating. We made a pilgrimage to Ikea to buy some new home furnishings but were somewhat frustrated by items being out of stock. On balance, though, Ikea is a godsend.

The only real excitement of the trip was when I got pulled over for speeding, but the state trooper was very friendly and didn't even check me for warrants.

We did stop briefly in Wamego and Topeka to see our families. They are all doing well, but they have also been busy changing locations, so lots of new things to see.

Sarah's still adjusting to the new locale, but I'm so happy that I don't mind much of anything. I feel like I've been paroled from prison now that I no longer live in LA.

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