Sunday, October 09, 2005

New Base of Operations

We've found our new place to live in Saint Paul! It's less than a mile from the bike trails that run along the Minnesota and Mississippi rivers. It's approximately two miles from my new workplace and three miles from Sarah's new workplace.

The rent is reasonable and it has a working fireplace, which will be nice on those winter nights so that we can curl up with the dog in front of the fireplace. It'll give me an opportunity to actually do my blogging at the fireside. ;-)

I dropped by William Mitchell as well on Friday and they had a little party in my honor. They've even printed up my business cards already and are getting my office ready for me.

I purchased a new road bike to tool around St. Paul on Friday and put in about 20 miles of biking. I purchased a 2004 Trek 1000-C. I like aluminum bikes quite a bit, although my hybrid (a Giant Cypress) is a steel alloy. The extra weight does help to soak up bumps and potholes, but slows you down for long biking sessions.

The road bike probably won't see much use until next Spring, but then I will be able to use it to explore the bike paths around of our new base of operations. Our new place also has easy access to the Twin Cities' highway system and 7th street, which runs straight into the airport. Given how much Sarah travels, that is going to be really handy.

If I purchase a canoe next spring, I will have ready access to the rivers from my new locale as well.

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Joe McPuppet said...

So you droop off/Piick up Sarah at airport ON YOUR BIKE? How that work?