Thursday, September 29, 2005

RFID to stop hit and run drivers?

This site proposes a new method of using RFID chips to document accidents and allow police to catch hit and run drivers. I think this is a great idea and a clever use of the technology. Actually, it could work just by stamping the VIN number on the chips, but RFID would make it easier to scan the information quickly.

In theory, if a system like this were implemented it should deter people's impulse to flee the scene of an accident since they'll be leaving a digital fingerprint at the scene of the crime.

Although leaving the scene of a crime is a undoubtedly an irrational, fearful thing in many cases...the marker tags probably wouldn't be a total deterrent, but over time they seem like they would reduce the practice of hit and run. I wonder if someone's done a study on reasons people flee the scene of traffic accidents...

Impaired drivers might not even notice that they ran someone (or some thing) down on their way home. This system would certainly net some people who were too drunk or too sleepy to be driving.

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