Sunday, September 25, 2005

KSU professor seeks IED detector

The Associated Press' Carl Manning has an article about research being done by Bill Dunn, a professor of Nuclear Engineering at Kansas State University, to develop a detector for explosives and improvised explosive devices (or IED's).

With some modifications here and few tweaks there, Dunn believes technology routinely used to figure soil density or measure muscle fat in meat can detect explosives.

Dunn envisions two types of sensors. One would be large and transported in a van, capable of detecting explosives several yards away. The van could be at a vehicle checkpoint and data could be fed into a computer a safe distance away.

Right now, the sensors can work up to a couple of yards, but Dunn’s goal is to extend that range to at least 10 yards and be able to detect an explosive in less than 10 seconds.|Lawrence Journal World|
I graduated from K-State back in the 20th century and I'm pleased to see K-State making a contribution to saving the lives of our service men and women.

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