Sunday, September 11, 2005

Cornell West on the fallout of Katrina

Joanna Walters' interview with Cornell West touches on issues of race, class, and poverty in America.

Selected quote:

In the end George Bush has to take responsibility. When [the rapper] Kanye West said the President does not care about black people, he was right, although the effects of his policies are different from what goes on in his soul.

You have to distinguish between a racist intent and the racist consequences of his policies.

Bush is still a 'frat boy', making jokes and trying to please everyone while the Neanderthals behind him push him more to the right....

Bush talks about God, but he has forgotten the point of prophetic Christianity is compassion and justice for those who have least.

Hip-hop has the anger that comes out of post-industrial, free-market America, but it lacks the progressiveness that produces organisations that will threaten the status quo. There has not been a giant since King, someone prepared to die and create an insurgency where many are prepared to die to upset the corporate elite.

The Democrats are spineless. |The Observer|(emphasis added)
It is too bad that the Democrats are such a spineless mess. Would the real political opposition party please stand up?

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