Monday, August 08, 2005

The Future of Privacy: GAO finds TSA broke federal privacy law

Leslie Miller of the Associated Press has the details courtesy of Information Week.

The GAO letter said that the TSA also said originally that it wouldn't use and store commercial data about airline passengers. It not only did that, it collected and stored information about the people with similar names.

“As a result, an unknown number of individuals whose personal information was collected were not notified as to how they might access or amend their personal data,” the letter said.

It was only after meeting with the GAO, which is overseeing the program, that the TSA published a second notice indicating that it would do the things it had earlier said it wouldn't do.

Oberman said it's not unusual to revise such notices.

“We are conducting a test,” he said. “I didn't know what the permutations would be.” |Link|
See, it was just a test to see if they could violate the privacy laws...It's good to know they can violate our (weak) privacy laws with impunity anytime they want in the name of national security.

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