Monday, July 25, 2005

Privacy, Ethics and System Design

Benjamin D. Brunk has an article Understanding the Privacy Space where he examines the human-computer interactions and how they relate to privacy.

The privacy space is an exemplar of a human value (the desire to control personal information flows) instantiated via the design of software systems and services. Here, we see how privacy, a subject with ethical import, relates to system design and usability. Systems may be designed from the outset or modified by users to enhance usability and help them realize their goals and intentions, including those related to privacy.

Thus, for the purposes of this research, we define "online privacy" as having the ability to control information leaving you while online, and being able to exercise that control consistent with your values. In a passive sense, privacy is also about being able to control unwanted instrusions. We claim that people seek designs that provide easy and effective ways to achieve online privacy, verify that they have done so, and monitor effectiveness.|Link|
Privacy is about establishing boundaries for sharing with others, and the information sharing capabilities of our web-savvy society are what make privacy so novel and exciting these days.

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