Sunday, July 03, 2005

News from Manhappiness: Demory Update

Carolyn Demory visited us this weekend. She's up for the NEA conference and staying near LAX. Carolyn's on the Resolutions Committee. (Images from 2004 conference here.) We had dinner at a cute little Italian restuarant in Marina Del Ray. If you know the Demorys, here's an update. Carolyn is teaching gifted children now and she enjoys it (most days...). Milton is still working for the same company doing vaccine work. Sean and Rene are doing well. They live in KC MO now. Sean's working for the city government now but still keeping active with writing projects. Ian just finished his music degree. I hear he has dreadlocks, but I'm waiting for a photo. I'm not sure I can imagine it. I have Sean's email now, so if you want it, email me.

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