Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The bloggification of CSM

I've been reading the Christian Science Monitor more of late since I added it to my homepage tabs in Firefox. What strikes me is the way many of the articles resemble blog posts more than traditional self-contained newspaper articles.

Take for instance this article by Tom Regan titled Can US, Britain 'win' in Iraq? which is chock full of links and quotes to other news sources.

CSM has become hypermedia.


eBohn said...

... and they've got solid, steady news coverage.

I think your final sentence is more accurate, though. Hyperlinks do not a blog make.

Safety Neal said...

But what's the difference? That bloggers express opinions and CSM has a guise of objectivity? I think the difference is the business model more than the quality of the news coverage.

eBohn said...

Maybe you're in the right, Neal.
But yes, I would make that distinction. Perhaps objectivity in the stodgy Old Media is a mere guise, but there's more difference than just the business model. Writing tends to be less sloppy and impulsive at larger newspapers staffed with, you know, editors. And then there are ombudsmen. And so on.

Sorry, but I'm just not ready to give bloggers the credit that I give to certain mainstream media players. Yet. Nor am I willing to give them credit for inventing hypertext.

Safety Neal said...

Ok, you've convinced me ebohn. I don't concede very often...it's goes against my fiery temper...but you're right. This time.

eBohn said...

Is that really you, Safety Neal, or have you been devoured by your evil cyborg twin?

You can't concede that easily. (You can't fire me... I quit!)

Bloggers rule!