Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Librarians for Liberty

Everyone likes librarians. Except for a select group from the fascist wing of the Republican party. Library Rakehell over at Bookslut has some perspective on this.

There is a bitter twist in all this librarian hatred. Librarians are all for freedom of expression no matter what is being said. A good library has Bill O’Reilly’s latest screed in its collection along with Al Franken’s histrionics. Michael Moore’s bombast should be as readily available as any Nazi propaganda film. There is an equality of ideas, good and bad, within a library. Librarians don’t agree with everything on their shelves. I hate a great many of the books that I hand out to patrons every day. A child photocopying pages out of a book on the Rwandan genocide and laughing with his friends about this is appalling to me, but he has the right to be a complete twit.

Anyone who hates a librarian simply for their profession should be immediately suspect no matter their political orientation. Opposition to libraries is opposition to an informed populace.|Link|
The Christian Science Monitor has a new editorial suggesting that librarians are performing a valuable public service by requesting checks and balances on governmental intrusions into the public's reading habits.

Go team!


John said...

Neal - Are you coming to Chicago for the librarian conference this weekend?

Mun Mun said...

Librarians, fuck yeah!

Eric said...

What, is ALA in Chicago this summer? Man, do I have some fantastic childhood memories centered around those conferences... Not to miss, Neal. Not to miss.

Safety Neal said...

Hey John, I'm afraid that I spent my entire conference budget going to the Assoc. of College and Research Libraries conference this April so I won't be attending SLA, ALA or AALL this year.

Safety Neal said...

Is that you, eBohn? I thought maybe you'd been swallowed by a whale or something. Drop me a line or update your blog, dude. Curious to know what you're up to these days.