Thursday, June 30, 2005


So we moved our stuff back into the apartment today. Sarah took Halle and went to work and I drove to the Library. Sarah brought Halle back later in the afternoon. The Gas Company had arrived by then. The two gas guys and the Landlord went around and lit all the pilot lights.

We the three of them came into the apartment, Halle had a shitfit. She was barking and growling and making a fuss. Sarah sat down with Halle on the couch to comfort her and get her to shut up. Silly dog. Halle kept growling but stopped barking.

One of the burly utility workers asked Sarah to take Halle in the other room. She rolled her eyes at him. Give me a break....

He didn't ask for her to be removed again, but he referred to her as Fang as he left.

Heh. Irony.


eBohn said...


Hey, did I ever ask you if Halle "guards" Sarah from you or vice versa? Kona races to Rie's side every night when I come to bed and snarls at me. But only when Rie is (or appears) asleep.

Safety Neal said...

I hadn't heard that about Kona, that's pretty cute.

Halle only gets upset at strangers. She has to be restrained anytime men come into the apartment. This is a pain in the ass everytime the plumber or handyman visits.

Halle gets even more upset if anyone goes back to the kitchen...where her dog food is kept. I had Mun and Jewels over for a dinner party the other night. Halle didn't bark at them too much, but Halle became visibly agitated and barky when Jewels went to the kitchen for a wine refill.

Quite a watchdog we have. Sounds like you have the guard dog model. ;-)