Friday, June 24, 2005

Disaster Theme Parks

There was a 4.9 magnitude earthquake this past week here in LA.

I feel almost cheated that I missed it. I was so busy running my lips and pacing around that I didn't even notice it. Perhaps the big one is coming, though and I'll get an experience I'll never forget. Dan Glaister put it this way:

One thing they agree on is that earthquakes tend to come in clusters: a busy period of seismic activity often follows a quiet period.

The day after the Yucaipa shock last week, a handy flyer dropped into my letterbox. Looking like one of the glossy real-estate entreaties that arrive each day, this one was from the California Earthquake Authority and bore its sunny slogan: "Every day is earthquake season in California."

Perhaps that's the future of this place, a disaster theme park, complete with landslides, earthquakes, drought, tsunamis, and epic gridlock. |Link|

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