Thursday, May 05, 2005

Wingnut Roundup

Tom Regan has a blog post in CSM about why morons like Pat Robertson and Tom Delay must be taken seriously and should not be dismissed out of hand as total dolts.

The crusade of people like Robertson, GOP representative Tom DeLay and James Dobson of the Focus on the Family against anyone who doesn't automatically parrot their values, may actually be one of the greatest dangers our country has ever faced. (Unlike Robertson, however, I still think that Al Qaeda and Nazi Germany rank higher on the list.)

Why do I believe that? Because these men and their supporters would take several of the founding principles of this country - in particular the belief in religious tolerance and freedom of thought - and trash them in order to achieve their narrow, right-wing Christian agenda. |Link|

Joshua Norton's response to Bush's energy plans is hilarious, if a bit sad too.
...You know, the events of the last six months have really helped me understand what Republicans were talking about when they railed against liberal intellectual snobbery in the Democratic Party. When Democrats had (any) power they screwed the voters by giving big business breaks through arcane changes in the tax code and accounting rules, or by signing grandiose trade bills on the grounds that they'd be "good for American business". How snobbish! How intellectual and superficial! When a Republican fucks the voters, they do it in broad daylight with a three-foot-long metal-studded dildo wrapped in barbed wire, with the words "THE OIL INDUSTRY" printed down the length of it in giant bright red letters. |Link|

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