Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Repent Harlequin, cried the Tick-Tock Man

I'm a big fan of Harlan Ellison. It turns out that my friend Julie was working in a bookstore in San Francisco when Harlan Ellison was writing short stories in the front window and was introduced to him. Julie and I have been co-presidents of SLA for the last year and it has been a wonderful experience, but it's coming to an end, which is both good and bad. It's interesting that Julie and I are both Harlan Ellison fans. This whole time we've shared this interest and never known it.

It only came up because I posted Repent Cried the Tick Tock Man as a cryptic comment on Olivian's MySpace page. Sean Demory is the one who introduced me to Harlan Ellison and I will forever be in Sean's debt for this. If you haven't read any Harlan Ellison, you're in for a treat. Life is too short to read tepid fiction, treat yourself to some Ellison. If you want a little dark science fiction, read I Have No Mouth, and Yet I Must Scream.

I think what Harlan was really trying to say in that story is that friends are the most important things in life. Who else can you turn to when the chips are down?

I think that friends are the best part of life. It's hard for me to even imagine what life would be like without friends or imagine a concept of the good life that didn't involve close friends.

Soon my entering class will graduate from UCLA. Graduation is always a bittersweet occaision. While you are leaving with an education and a certificate, you are also closing a chapter of your life. Even if you don't move on, your friends will go. Hopefully they stay in touch or at least update their blogs once in a while. The Bellman and Zwichenzug are good friends of mine who keep fantastic blogs. The Bellman's the one who convinced me to start this blog.

I think blogs are fantastic tools for staying in touch. But my plan is to arrange vacations with my friends. I'm going to start planning a trip to the National Boundary Waters Wilderness in the near future. USGS has a site for the Superior National Forest and National Geographic has a page here about the area. I think it would cool to visit Canada by canoe. Here's a map of the Minnesota part of the Wilderness. So if you're interested, drop me a line.

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