Sunday, May 15, 2005

Of Riots and Revolutions

According to the NY Times (regn reqd) Newsweek has retracted its claims that the Qur'an (or Koran) was desecrated at Camp X-Ray. I do not doubt for a minute that this tactic was used. I believe that they were doing everything short of cutting off fingers to attempt to extract information. Even if you still think their intentions are noble, this administration's tactics are barbaric. I think Newsweek came under extreme pressure from this administration to retract the claims and did.

Recently I've browsing through The Torture Papers by Karen J. Greenberg et al. (available for download over at Powell's Bookstore). Even if Bush didn't put that Qur'an on the toilet himself, he made the climate possible for it to happen.

It is not horror that crushes your spirits when you enter the cells at Camp Delta. Instead, it is an absolute sense of defeat, of being hopelessly caught in a great steel machine, remorseless in its efficiency and patience.

Just a moment inside a maximum security cell - newly vacated for repairs - is enough to bring on despair. The hundreds of terrorist suspects brought to Camp Delta, on its scrubby hillside at the eastern tip of Cuba, were men seething with dreams, fuelled by visions of conquest and hate.|Link|
I think the riots in Afghanistan are just Bush's foreign policy paying its inevitable dividends. I predict that as we release more and more people who've been tortured by our government, things are only going to get worse for our image.

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