Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Why so angry?

Kurt Vonnegut observed that most evil is unintentional. People do bad things usually because they misunderstand the origin or impact of their actions. Socrates said something similar in the Euthyphro.

I was talking to my friend Mang last night about my anger issues. He suggested the following to me to help deal with my anger.

Accept that you cannot control other people. Try to understand him or her rather than getting angry at your lack of control or the other person's behavior.

What makes this other person react this way? Is it a bad family life, inherent limitations, poor education, something else?

Getting angry is shortcutting the authentic emotions you have to another person.

Process your emotions, don't bottle them up and jump straight to giving back anger to anger. That is the conditioned response, try to overcome the conditioned response and respond in an authentic manner.

Meditation is about dealing with information overload and focusing on the important. It is about centering yourself in the world and not reacting to people's anger with equal anger. What is the most productive response to the anger and trauma of others?

Try to see things clearly rather than through your own mask of insecurities and emotions.

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