Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Neal the Firebug

So I was having coffee with my friend Bob yesterday. I call him Danger Bob only half in jest. Bob's a cop here in LA. Bob was in uniform and while we were flapping our gums a woman came up to let us know that there was a trash can on fire. Someone probably threw a half extinguished cigarette butt away.

Danger Bob's a smoker. Of course. Anyway, Bob called the FD and they arrived on the scene in minutes. I suggested a fire extinguisher, following my nature. But it really was excessive. The trash can was made out of pebbles cemented together. It was pretty fireproof.

So, tonight I was walking my dog when I smelled ozone. As Halle and I approached the intersection I saw that an old Mercedes had stalled at the corner. The owner was trying to get it to turn over and start again. I know that ozone smell from past experience as an electrical fire. I could also see smoke starting to billow out in the beam of the headlights. I waved the guy off and when he got out of his car I told him about the electrical fire. He had a cell phone and called AAA, so everything worked out fine.

That's twice in two days I've been within twenty feet of a fire. Surely that's a coincidence. I'm not superstitious. After all, superstition brings bad luck.

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