Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Individual in Society

Saw this over at Mindjack:

[Y]our most recent book, "Get Back in the Box" [by Douglas Rushkoff]. What's it about?...On a deeper level, the book is about renaissance, and the unique moment we're in as a society. A renaissance allows for a profound shift in perspective. While the original Renaissance invented the individual, as well as competition, this renaissance has really brought us new possibilities for collaborative action - networked collectivism and a society of authorship. We've been wrestling since the Renaissance - and some would say since high Greek culture - with the seeming contradiction between the agency of individuals and their power as a collective. I mean to show that we have new ways of contending with dimension that let us see how individuality is itself defined by connections to other people, and that agency is really a group activity.|Link|

The rights of the individual and how they interact with the good of society is a topic that I keep running across in my privacy research. Maybe I should check out Rushkoff's book when it comes out.

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