Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Homeless Industrial Complex

CSM has an interesting article by Daniel B. Wood on LA's new $17 million homeless facility. Selected quote:

The loss of affordable housing has been driving up the country's homeless numbers since the 1980s. The gentrification of many dilapidated downtown districts where homeless people often congregate has been creating more social tension between new residents and those on the streets. As homeless populations grow, social-service alternatives such as vouchers for apartments and healthcare that many feel can offer aid without creating dependency are being stretched thin.

"Every city is grappling with the pressures of urban renewal and condo conversions that are impacting areas where homeless gather," says Roman. "They are trying to find a balance between building an infrastructure that makes it too easy to remain homeless [and finding] ways to respond to the increasing appearance of homeless on their streets."|Link|

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