Monday, April 25, 2005

The Coming Sensor Revolution

Stephanie Neil has an interesting review of The Real-Time Enterprise: Competing on Time with the Revolutionary Business SEx Machine,

Bellini and Fingar [write about] the Strategy Execution (SEx) engine, which couples business processes with real-time technology. When applied, this combination will enable a company to plan instantly around demand...."We talk a lot about the strategy execution engine in this book. That is where I believe the market will go. We can't really rely on forecasts. ... What if you were able to define all of the assumptions that were made when generating the initial plan?" For instance, if a company could monitor the actual data in the market that proved or disproved its sales assumptions, it could have a trigger that allows it to react quickly. "If you have a real-time way to react to this significant event, it lets you immediately make a different decision and regenerate a different sales and operation plan based on new insight on how the market is moving. The technology is now available to do that."|Link|
I'm a sucker for any book with Business Sex in the title.

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