Saturday, March 05, 2005

Why I hate the LA Marathon

I've had all I can take. I'm simply going to kill the organizers of the LA Marathon. With a rusty machete. Over the course of three days.

Every year these nitwits run their marathon in a closed loop. If you live within that loop, you just can't go anywhere that day. My neighborhood will be cut off from 4:30 AM tomorrow until 1:30 PM. The map of the event can be found here.

They brag on their site:

The streets that make up the Marathon route are major arterials and have ample space to accommodate the thousands of Marathon participants. |Link|

This isn't something to be proud of. They can put this on their tombstones. Cutting off the major arterials in LA makes the typically congested LA traffic totally hellish. There is a ripple effect from this marathon that affects the entire west side of LA.

Unfortunately for Sarah and I, Sarah has to catch a plane at noon tomorrow from LAX. I thought I would outwit the marathon planners and park my car beyond the reach of marathoners. Unfortunately, every block within almost 3 miles of my house is a Permit Only Parking Zone. And parking tickets in LA average $45 in my experience.

Of course, this is really moot because there isn't a single free parking space within two miles of my house outside the marathon zone. I live too close to the bars of boytown. I'll go back and try again after the bars close.

Untill then I'll be sharpening my machete.

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