Sunday, March 27, 2005


The other day my boss asked me to work on a book acquisition project, she just wanted a basic price survey and I asked a few questions before she stopped me by saying: "Don't overthink it."

And the lightbulb went on over my head. That's been my problem my whole damned life! I'm an overthinker. Tell me to do something and I'll instantly try to decide if it's the right thing to do. Ask me a simple question and I'll ask for more context. How did your information need arise? (It's called the reference interview...)

I rarely leap without looking. I rarely do anything without considering the implications of my actions. Is it moral? Is it expensive? Is it racist coming from me? Will it offend anyone? Do I care what those *&%$* people think?

I don't write an email without including metadata anymore. I don't write things without citing the work of others.

But maybe I need to curb my ponderous habits. I need to become more spontaneous, more impulsive, less analytical. Maybe I need to be less of an overthinker.

I'll think it over for a day or two first. :-b

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