Monday, March 14, 2005

Drain America First

The Secretary of the Interior, Gale A. Norton, has written an Op-Ed piece in the New York Times claiming that we have the technology to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) without harming the environment.

I'm dubious. Like the Bushies give a damn about the enviornment, the caribou, the Gwich'in culture, or the rule of law.

But even if we take her at her word, why is that a reason to drill now?

Norton writes:

In 1980, when Congress created the refuge, it set aside the 1002 area for possible future energy development. To date, Congress has not approved this development because of environmental concerns. In the meantime, America's domestic production of energy has declined and we have become more and more dependent on imported oil.

As part of a comprehensive energy strategy of promoting conservation and reducing dependence on foreign oil, we must increase our energy production here at home. The 1002 area is potentially the largest untapped source of oil and gas on American soil. While we cannot promise that there will be no impact on the wildlife and habitat of the 1002 area, we can promise no significant impact.

The oil is ANWR is at most a six month supply for the US. One large sip of oil and it will be gone. Like that's going to do anything to reduce our long-term dependence on foreign oil.

Sure, oil is $55 per barrel, but let's wait 20 years until oil is $355 per barrel and the technology is even better before we drill in a pristine nature area.

Better yet, let's spend some of our money on renewable energy resources and leave ANWR alone.

The problem isn't our dependence on foreign oil, the problem is our dependence on oil.

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