Sunday, February 13, 2005

Super AIDS strain suspected in New York City

I heard about this on NPR as well, but the Guardian has a short article by Robin McKie here.

'Risky behaviour may be even more dangerous now since there is a chance of infection with a virus we may not be able to treat,' said Jay Dobkin, director of Columbia University's Aids programme.

The patient with the new strain is also known to have been using crystal methamphetamine, a drug that can wipe out inhibitions and which has been linked to sex marathons....

John Moore, an Aids researcher at Cornell University medical school, said the fact that only one case of a multiple drug resistant strain had been reported was important. 'If there was a cluster of these, that would be different,' he said.

Most experts warned of the need for vigilance, however. 'It is certainly premature to say we have a new killer that is drug resistant going round,' said Weiss. 'On the other hand, it is clear we should be concerned and careful.'

So, use protection and lay off the crystal meth. ;-)

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