Thursday, February 17, 2005

Librarians are Often Sexy

Last June, I posted about Cursorminer's Library song. Cursorminer makes the curious claim that librarians are often sexy.

Today Professor Chu sent me this item in the Daily Princetonian.

Selected Quote:

For people who are really interested in finding out about things and engaging ideas, the excitement of libraries is sensual and visceral as well as cerebral. Emerson, the greatest of all oped writers, and the most quotable of all the Victorian sages, says that "A man's library is a kind of harem".

* * * *

In [the movie It's a Wonderful Life] Stewart plays a guy dissuaded from suicide by an apprentice angel who shows him—through a series of cinematic flashforwards — all the good he can achieve by continuing to exist. Apparently the chief good thing he can do is save Donna Reed the horrible fate of becoming a librarian by making her a suburban housewife. Donna Reed was quite a dish, and it was hard to make her look unattractive; but Capra thought he could do so by giving her a pair of glasses and putting her hair up in a bun — that apparently being, in the iconography of Tinsel Town, a sterile and joyless coiffure.

This seemed to me ridiculous even at the age of 11, since it was obvious to me then, and has become only more so as the years go by, that libraries are the sexiest places, and librarians the sexiest people, on earth. Furthermore I've always had a particular thing about librarians with buns, especially when the bun is complemented by a long yellow Eberhard Faber number two lead pencil worn behind the ear. Such librarians are a vanishing breed, to be sure, but to my delight I encountered one a couple of summers ago in a small town library in Vermont. While I, to my shame, was busy using the Internet to check my email — which incidentally consisted almost entirely of unsolicited offers to extend my credit line and my manhood — she was busy extending horizons, talking with quiet excitement to a couple of teenagers about books and ideas.

John V. Fleming is the Louis W. Fairchild '24 professor of English. |Link|(emphasis mine)

I too am attracted to women in buns, as my adorable (and intellectual) wife can attest.

As I write this I sit ensconced in the quiet confines of the UCLA Law Library. It's a nice place and there is so much knowledge here. But I've never thought of it as sexy before...

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