Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Fisticuffs and Fight Clubs

When I was in fourth grade, my family moved to Fort Riley, Kansas. My brother and I got jumped by three other kids on the first day of school. That my introduction to kidney punches. I became a runner in fourth grade. Few people wanted to chase me down just to beat my scrawny little ass.

In fifth grade I got tired of seeing my friends get beat up and my brother too. I got tired of being picked on and I stopped running. There's nothing quite as gratifying as going toe to toe with someone who weighs almost twice what you do and smacking the living shit out of him in front of the entire school.

It's been more than a decade since I struck another person in anger. I've been threatened a few times, but I've always found that my total refusal to back down at the threat of physical violence has persuaded the other party to look for a softer target.

To be honest, I miss it sometimes. There's nothing like the thud of fists on flesh. I would take up boxing except for the evidence of neurological damage associated with extensive boxing. But I do enjoy working with a speed bag and the heavy bag.

But not everyone is as worried about brain injury as I am, according to this article on a real life version of Fight Club.

"Boxing is more exciting to watch. For the common man, there's nothing better than seeing one person hitting another person in the face," he says, adding that the general public doesn't appreciate the strategy and technique that go into putting an arm-splintering submission hold on somebody. |Link|

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